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2:22pm 09-26-2020
Pick up
11:56am 09-17-2020
Lisette Villa
Loooooove it
4:51pm 09-14-2020
8:09am 08-25-2020
Sahaja Evans
peace...do no harm...ahimsa...
10:38am 08-23-2020
Shayna Schick
nothing yet
5:16pm 08-22-2020
Rachel Burge
Can't wait for the grand opening in Eugene!!!
6:34pm 08-20-2020
Benji Beard
Hello from Lawrence, KS.! I can't wait to bring out the fam and soak up the Oregon frame of mind. Love my home, just wish our laws were up to date! ✌❤
2:06pm 08-19-2020
Theyre just a that's 70's show pot store, love the vibe, great selections.
2:27pm 08-09-2020
Is this a store where u eat the lettuce and it electrocute u?
Wow! So high!
8:05am 08-08-2020
Lori Strother
6:11pm 07-31-2020
Heather Updike
This is my first time here. Funny thing I seen a lighter just last night that said electric lettuce on it then today I was looking at a Portland map and I seen Electric Lettuce (your store) so I figured it was a sign. So I had to visit your website.
8:43pm 07-30-2020
Konnie Mijo
Diggin' the vibe on the store.
11:27am 07-24-2020
called the store for a product and the staff member straight up lied to me. when I told him I had just got off the phone with the company rep, he repeated the lie and said that was what he had been told to say. why would I go and 14$ gr weed from a store I know is so disrepectful??
9:51pm 07-16-2020
Sheila Lindquist
New to Portland. Thought your sign was great!
3:14pm 07-06-2020
Lee Schneider
Looking forward as rd to visiting you end of this month.
Messages: 1 until 15 of 180.
Number of pages: 12
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