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2:58pm 11-24-2017
Eric Mejia
Glad to have you in the hometown!
8:17am 11-24-2017
black friday deals got me comin in for that topshelf
7:58pm 11-15-2017
Very cool site, can't wait to check out the store!
11:15am 11-06-2017
"Johnny" Flegal
. . . "Thank You"! . . .
11:23am 11-04-2017
Heather Wiegele
On my way, via tri-met. Heading there in recommendation of another tri met passenger. Excited! Think I'm getting PEX
10:22am 10-31-2017
AJ Lightfoot
You guys are amazing. Great shop, great aesthetic and feel. Super friendly staff! I live just outside OC and will be a repeat client there and can't wait to visit the other shops!
8:50pm 10-26-2017
Catherine Whitford
Planning a visit soon, cannot wait!
5:35pm 10-12-2017
Larry Farmen
Just wanted to say Hi !! We had a great experience when we visited and will be back soon . Thanks for your help , and patience with us senior citizens. We appreciate your friendly atmosphere and expertise . As long time growers , we don"t stop by often , but enjoy your knowledgeable staff !!
3:03pm 10-12-2017
Joy Starr
I wanted to compliment you on your stores. The ones you put here on your web site are so awesome. So unique and just beautiful.

I live in Long Beach, Ca and our store are not that attractive.

So I wanted you to know how how impressed I was.
12:35pm 09-30-2017
Panama "Red" Rodgers
Sweet smoke & nice folks.
4:39pm 09-23-2017
Mark McCormick
Great staff nice location awesome quality product and selection.. Love going here and it's like 5 minutes from home
6:53pm 09-18-2017
Sally Hart
Nice employees good clean store.
9:07pm 09-17-2017
Demauri Marquez
My favorite new spot!!
Gonna work in OC location on of these days!!
8:13am 09-16-2017
Luis G López
Hi from Puerto Rico......!!!!!@ nice page and products...!!!!!!!
10:38am 09-14-2017
Tim McCreary
Looks like you have a very nice establishment, I'm looking forward to visiting one of your stores soon.
Messages: 136 until 150 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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