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4:18pm 04-12-2020
Patricia Elise
EL Oregon City is the BEST spot. Love the staff and love the vibes
6:01pm 04-03-2020
The budtenders are very approachable and knowledgeable. Love the Oregon City staff!
2:38pm 04-02-2020
I always love coming in to have a little life banter and learn about new strains. You guys are wonderful and you make me happy.
1:21pm 03-26-2020
Awesome place awesome staff. Stop have any blackberry cartridges?
11:23am 03-23-2020
Jean Black-Groulx
Please add my email address to my profile. Stay well. See you soon!
9:44am 03-11-2020
The only reason you should go to this place is because they have the dankest flower in town. Oh yeah, and the really chill super helpful people.
2:07am 03-11-2020
Kaytie Cornett
I enjoy going into electric lettuce
12:58pm 02-28-2020
Jay Fritcher
Hello! My name is Jay Fritcher and I'm with White Tygh Farms. We pride ourselves on the ability to grow some amazing TRUE Landrace "Classic Strains" along with others. Our flagship strain is a 100% Afghani Landrace, we also grow the Original, Orange Kush, our White Widow is killer and our Panama Red that was just harvested is the craziest thing you've ever seen. I'd love to show it to you. Please give me 10 minutes, you won't be sorry. 971.336.1513 Jay@whitetyghfarms.com (It's pronounced White-Tie)
7:44pm 02-21-2020
Robin solien
Great prices and great service
2:04pm 01-30-2020
Scot Forbes
Just doing my research, look for the blog soon at www.portlandmap.com!
1:29pm 01-28-2020
Joe L Entler
I would like to speak to Spencer Noecker, or whomever is in charge of you operations.

I am a supply chain consultant (and also a customer) and would like to speak to the correct person about an idea I have to greatly optimize your overall operations and would like to spend 30 minutes asking a few questions about your pain points, and sharing any info you would like to hear about me, or my idea.

I know this is a vague note, but I promise it won't be a waste of your time. I am tightly connected with a few vertically integrated Cannabis ventures and feel confident I am headed in the right direction, and would like to work with a few organizations like yours here in OR before venturing outside the state.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future, and would love the opportunity to meet with you/them at your office, or any other convenient location.

Joe Entler
7:40am 01-25-2020
Matthew Ryan Price
I've applied online at several locations and I turned in hard copy resumes at several locations and will be honored to work at any location but the Powellhutst( Hologate) location opening is a 10min walk from my home....PLEASE hire me at that location, thank you!!
11:28am 01-23-2020
Christa Rehaume
I love Electric Lettuce
3:03pm 12-14-2019
Garth P Herrick
Hey, when are we getting online ordering? Hmmmmm??
5:20pm 12-05-2019
Marlene L Allen
Hello!! Please sign me up! I am thrilled to see you carrying Luminous Botanicals' product line. There's have been the best concentrates I've used for chronic daily pain. I also Vape for immediate relief. But a couple hours after using the Sky blend concentrate with High THC, (under the tongue & swallow) I have pain relief that lasts 3-5 hours. I also have found that the EARTH Blend High CBD, helps with Anxiety. And these taste awesome!
Thanks again,
Messages: 31 until 45 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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