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10:20am 11-25-2019
Bobbette Smith
Happy Monday! Im Bobbette with NakD Farms. I would love to get your email so I can send you out our weekly menu updates. Thank you so much for your time!
10:08pm 11-12-2019
John Baker
Thank you Clerk at the Overlook Store for rcommending "Astral works" 5.6 % THC and 9.5 % CBD. My back pain is relieved within seconds while my brain stays functional.
I'll be back! I'll be signing up for the Loyalty Program also.
10:40am 11-07-2019
Susan Higgins
Hi - I signed up to the loyalty program at your Weidler location, love the vibe, friendly knowledgable budtenders. Is there a link to an online menu? Thanks!
7:21pm 10-24-2019
David Jones
Go Blazers! Blaze On.
5:58pm 10-17-2019
Heather S.
I live in walking distance to the new location in "The Numbers", and am so glad to see a dispensary that looks inviting, in the hood. Great artwork on the building! I illustrate, so I really appreciate the artwork. I have been a huge fan of Dirty Arm Farm CBD oil, and was wondering if You folks will have anything like it?..One of the things I am looking for in a dispensary, is a quality CBD oil with NO ADDED SUGAR (not easy to find)..got anything like that? Also, are you folks hiring? And, will you folks showcase local artists' artwork? Thanks for bringing art and more cannabis culture to the hood, Electric Lettuce! Oh!..and nice touch with the "High. How are You?" I love Daniel Johnston and noticed the play on words.


Heather in the hood
8:37am 09-23-2019
Jason Sparks
My name is Jason and I work for Conte Enterprise. We are a newly formed, minority-woman owned company possessing both a Marijuana Grower and Processor License. We are licensed in Oklahoma, USA. We are interested in finding an operational partner who has the knowledge, experience, capital and the vision of expanding their company. We provide the license and land. If you’ve been wanting to expand your business without the nuisance of obtaining all of the licensing, permits and land you have found a potential partner.
If you wish to have further discussion on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Jason Sparks
Conte Enterprise, LLC
Email: jsparks@contecannabis.com
Mobile/WhatsApp: 1-314-243-0677
5:39am 09-22-2019
6:17am 09-16-2019
Cody grumbles
What bulk sale prices? I would love to know as soon as possible
2:02pm 09-12-2019
Rick Kieras
Hi, my name is Rick Kieras. I would like to get in contact with someone at your company about mockups and digital content also prepress services. Would like to show you what we can do for your company. I work for Southern Graphic Systems (SGS) Thanks. 815-341-7063
1:38pm 08-29-2019
Andrew D Axsom
Visited your Beaverton location twice recently on my first visit to the Portland area and had a great experience. The staff was super friendly and helpful. I will be sure to make it a regular part of every future visit to the area
7:43pm 08-01-2019
Thessalonia Biggs
Love the Marlow location the people working in the after noon July 27, were amazingly helpful and great. Got me just what I was looking for. #PAX ERA life
6:09pm 08-01-2019
Demetrious Jackson
The best dispensary
1:37pm 07-26-2019
Tracy Page
Love you all but I recently moved to Hillsboro and need the Hillsboro store to open! Stop teasing me!! Much LOVE!
2:26am 07-11-2019
.~*~ lUv Ur PaGe ~*~.

11:20am 07-07-2019
Greetings, found your business and just cheking it out. Looks like a great company. Have a most excellent day as well.


Messages: 46 until 60 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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