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10:15am 12-03-2018
Johnny Cash
I walk the line with these guys
10:09am 12-03-2018
My favorite dispensary in town.
7:29pm 11-29-2018
Roger L
at over 65 yrs.older,,,whoooo really cares about formulas & theories?
Yep,,you got it- I reeeeely don't..
4:44pm 10-23-2018
Jennie Lei Pruett
Hire me
1:34pm 09-17-2018
Margie Lindberg
Wow what fantastic customer service. Talked with Ethan today and they are going the extra mile to send me my coat and hat. Definitely the place shop in Portland!
7:01pm 09-16-2018
Margie Lindberg
Hi, it was lovely coming into your store in the Lloyd District.
Sadly I left my hat and coat there. If I send money would You please you mail them to me. I’ll call tomorrow but please forward this messag. It was a gray windbreaker and purple Columbia rain hat.
Thank you.
5:49am 09-10-2018
Rob Miles
you folks have a great attitude about dope
12:29am 09-08-2018
Greetings from Knoxville, TN. We are planning a vacation next year and just came across you all on Google. SUPER DOPE spot. I cannot wait to come out. We are staying for a week, and you'll be seeing me probably every day
8:03pm 09-06-2018
Garret Wong
Welcome to the Denney neighborhood! Wish you much success!
1:23pm 08-29-2018
Yo yo I’m an og stone monkey...staying at crown plaza...
Get me in
11:48am 08-26-2018
Patrick Warner
Great shop, good people
6:41pm 08-15-2018
Jerry Fox
This is my ‘hood!!! Fuck’in love ya!!! Thank you!!!
9:27pm 08-10-2018
Bobby Black
Thank you for being so great and treating everyone so groovy
Very cool and nice staff at Cedar Hills store.
Love you guys and so does my hubby
Thank you

2:12pm 08-09-2018
Elle Hayes
Hi cool people.

Though I've shopped primarily at Cedar Hills store, thanks for opening a store in The Beav.

It's just as wonderful as Cedar Hills...Now I have two EL shops to browse in.

Love you guys

4:04pm 08-05-2018
Corin Killins
I just moved here and have been full of anxiety but any time I walk in your store I feel safe. Weidler has the greatest staff. Thanks for feeling like home.
Messages: 91 until 105 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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