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4:08pm 06-22-2018
I really like all the natural light that filters in, nice, very nice. Some shops are way too dark and dreary. Friendly staffers, not pushy. Thanks for a good experience. I'll be back. Much appreciated.
11:35am 06-05-2018
Cheryl Adams
I love you guys. Wish I could work there. But love the bud
11:59pm 06-02-2018
Based on all the great reviews, I'll definitely be stopping in when I'm heading north in a couple weeks.
8:58pm 05-27-2018
Rebecca Soliz
Great sales reps. Very helpful! Drove from Corpus Christi,Tx, and definitely wasn’t disappointed!
7:58am 05-19-2018
Marlon Galbreath
High!...New to Oregon...Love it here...I shopped at Serra and met some awesome people...Ms Iris and Anthony are the bomb! Thank u for introducing me to Ms. Tangie Biscotti...We have became the best of friends....Thanks to Serra...peace love and many blessings..
9:17am 05-10-2018
Michele McDonald
Very friendly and informative staff. Nice variety of product. Our favorite dispensary!
1:56pm 04-29-2018
Mad Millie
I can't wait for Denney Rd to be open! Come on, EL
9:47am 04-27-2018
Philmore Fleming
I want to thank Cody for his dedication to providing me with the
best herb and delivery systems. He's knowledgeable and gracious. A great addition to my experience of a great shop.
9:21am 04-27-2018
Matthew Proschold
Live just down the road of the New store. Do you have an open date set? Super excited.
5:04pm 04-18-2018
Steven Brenner
7:54am 04-06-2018
antonio alba
Keep on Smokin!!!!
3:48pm 02-25-2018
Russell Cowan
Just got my OLCC card! Where can I submit a resume and cover letter for future employment?
9:31am 02-20-2018
It's SNOWING! Happy Tuesday!
8:26am 02-17-2018
Gary Hickey
I luv you guys!
2:53pm 02-15-2018
Messages: 106 until 120 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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