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12:24am 03-18-2019
Liegh DeBose
Uh, what' with the new format? Where's the menu?
10:38am 03-09-2019
Dj Wilkerson
Love this place
12:01pm 03-03-2019
Looking forward to your Happy Valley location opening. Please let me know when you open. Also, my wife joy is wondering where to apply for possible job openings as she has worked in the industry for a while now and you are much closer to our home in Boring. Thanks
9:14pm 02-22-2019
Aleenie Beanie
Their OC location is on point! Ricardo was super knowledgable and patient with me on the phone. He recommended the perfect strain and I feel so much better! I'll definitely be in soon!
3:10pm 02-22-2019
Al lets Della call Ed Stella
3:08pm 02-19-2019
When does Happy Valley open?
3:14pm 02-06-2019
Liegh DeBose
You have Veterans discounts?
10:57am 01-08-2019
Shari Blefgen
When do you guys open?
8:29am 01-03-2019
Perry/Lori Strother
Love the staff~ professional, friendly, and always go the extra mile for us.
2:02am 12-22-2018
Liegh DeBose
Closer and convenient as hell. Professional staff.
9:55am 12-16-2018
Debbie Engle
The employees at the Oregon City store are really cool and SO patient.
12:11pm 12-14-2018
My favorite shop, and that Tangie Biscotti from Pruf Cultivar is incredible..
1:27pm 12-08-2018
Ginger Fitzpatrick
CBD oils are amazing! Thanks for finding us a great product!
2:08pm 12-03-2018
Texas Tim
My wife and I liked the Tangie Biscotti - wish you could ship to Texas!
10:29am 12-03-2018
Very into this place. Friendly folks, good grass. Oh yeah
Messages: 76 until 90 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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