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4:31pm 06-30-2019
Mr. Fischoeder
Was it a cat I saw?
10:34am 06-21-2019
Deana West
Any news on opening in Hillsboro. Approx date?
10:35am 06-16-2019
Alaina Bevens
I have heard great things about your establishment. I will definitely be coming in.
9:31am 05-27-2019
Ronda Dowd
The customer service is fab. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Very relaxed atmosphere & I feel comfortable asking questions. The cheese crisp edibles are tasty & lotsa fun & the CBD oil helps my Fibromyalgia. Thank You Casey! I highly recommend the one in Beaverton off of 217, Denny exit.
6:20pm 05-09-2019
Bruce Meland
need your email address?
3:30pm 05-08-2019
Buttmud Brooks
love me some EL
11:52pm 05-01-2019
Suzy Klaus
Radical place ...I thought the Vinyl records were for sale...Duh......Fun stickers too...and other stuff...
4:40pm 04-23-2019
great selection , friendly help . l also found a soft cotton Viva Sativa t shirt , love it too
1:15pm 04-20-2019
Fred Wilkie
7:52am 04-19-2019
Deborah Engle
My favorite "Pot Shop"! The folks there are really helpful and very patient.
1:02pm 04-18-2019
Steven Brenner
3:36am 04-13-2019
Judy Rosenow
Great shop! I went to BEAVERTON location very helpful, knowledgeable and helped my rheumatoid arthritis so I could walk and sleep!!! Thank you
2:17pm 04-04-2019
Mary Higginbotham
Great shop.
Knowledgeable, helpful and courteous staff.
Always a good experience when shopping there.
7:28am 04-04-2019
Deborah Watson
Excellent staff excellent knowledge..truly great people ...love budtenders...thank you all for helping me so much..
9:26pm 03-29-2019
Darren Frazier
Happy valley location is great! I highly recommend. Great deals too! Great staff very helpful. 5 ⭐️
Messages: 61 until 75 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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