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11:27am 07-24-2020
called the store for a product and the staff member straight up lied to me. when I told him I had just got off the phone with the company rep, he repeated the lie and said that was what he had been told to say. why would I go and 14$ gr weed from a store I know is so disrepectful??
9:51pm 07-16-2020
Sheila Lindquist
New to Portland. Thought your sign was great!
3:14pm 07-06-2020
Lee Schneider
Looking forward as rd to visiting you end of this month.
5:41pm 06-18-2020
Lori Strother
Love you guys.
2:17pm 06-14-2020
john cloyd
need treament for pain
9:46pm 06-10-2020
Larry Stub
Looking for blue dragon frost
12:13am 06-06-2020
C&M Allen
Love the Luminous Botanicals Universal Cannabis products, and that you sell them! Thank you for all your helpful suggestions and for having our order ready to go, after shopping online & using your Pickup menu.

To Jaimie (about Rick Simpson Oil) if you go to the Leafly website, online & type "Find Rick Simpson Oil near me" in the Leafly Search area, you should find some information about it & you'll be on your way getting some. I'm sorry for all you're going through so suddenly. I hope it will be the help your Mom needs just in time..I will pray for her about that. M Allen
8:42am 06-02-2020
Christy Lovejoy
Im just over the mountain, but plan to come visit your shop very soon. I actually didn't know about it until I was reading an old magazine that mentioned you. I can't wait to visit.
12:01pm 06-01-2020
Jamie Lee Killinger
I recently heard of Rick Simpson oil, I'm in search of it. 5 days ago my mom was fine. 4 days ago she couldn't speak or function normally. So she went into hospital. Where in a few hours was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and madastedic disease. The cancer has infected her lymph nodes and her thyroid and developed tumors in her brain. She is on meds that are reducing the swelling in her brain and she is starting to say yes or no and communicate. Her biopsy is today to determine what type she has. With out aggressive chemo and radiation, I was told days left or maybe weeks. With the toxic treatments she could have 8 months to a year. I am not fond of the fda and the falsehood of the business as big pharma. Reading about Rick Simpson Oil has triggered my interest, and I'm interested in finding where I can get it as soon as possible. A post I read said Electruc Lettuce Carrie's it. Perfect I am in the same neighborhood as one of the stores. I am not certain if the shop does have it or carry it, yet. I have been pray for a miracle of mass proportions. And from all I read this could lead me to the first step in getting one. Have Faith and Have Jesus Always.
Just Signing the guest book on a mission. JLK
11:09am 05-16-2020
Eugene Hopeful
Hi there! Looking forward to your Eugene location, it's in such a cute little spot and I think it'll get great business!
7:57am 05-10-2020
guntur djatmiko
Introduction of MJ Cones - pre roll cone ; 100% hand rolled cones
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We also make customize cones, from paper blends, cone sizes, watermark, filter printing. Everything. The customization are professionally made by our product development team.
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Guntur Djatmiko
9:41pm 05-06-2020
8:05pm 04-19-2020
Liegh DeBose
Do you have cannabutter in stock?
7:43pm 04-16-2020
Trenton Knight
Do you deliver in Hillsboro?
10:06am 04-13-2020
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Messages: 16 until 30 of 183.
Number of pages: 13
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